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Amiee Cambridge – A Models Perfect Snack

Duration: 10:37s;
Quality: 1440x1080 HD;

Amiee is at a photo shoot and tells the photographer that she needs a short break. She is growing hungry and needs a snack which she prepared for. She reaches into her pure and pulls out a tiny little man who is just the perfect snack size. This little man has always fantasized about being eaten so she sits him on her growling belly and describes in detail what will happen to him and what her body will do to him. It then switches from third person to first person and you become the little man as she shows you her mouth and teeth. You are so excited quivering at her fingers and embrace her warm mouth as she swallows you and you slide down into her warm stomach just like you have always wanted. She then promptly gets back to work after handing her purse that once held the tiny man to the photographer

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