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Amiee Cambridge – Bird Bitch Silenced

Duration: 15:0s;
Quality: 1440x1080 HD;

Robin is still under Madame kittys spell. Devoted and completely in love he worships her fur slippered feet until she has had enough and invites him to sit down next to her. Shes fed up with his professions of love its become repetitive and extremely annoying so she decides to silence him with the help of a toxin delivered via a syringe. He finds he can no longer speak his voice has been stolen which is sweet music to Madame Kittys ears. Despite being now mute Robins devotion to Kitty doesn’t falter and she taunts him with her toxic lips. He would give anything for a kiss… She decides to give him what he desires and starts making out with him. She occasionally glances sideways as she has a camera planted recording the whole scene unfolding. Panic sweeps across his face as Robin realizes her kisses are toxic and his end is approaching. His body goes limp and Madame kitty pushes him aside and turns her attention to the camera. She has a message for the bat, a barter if you shall. Robins long gone and unsavable but O hara and Gordon still have a chance if the bat cares enough about them.

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