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Amiee Cambridge – Bred by My Step-Cousin While Showering

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Johnny is taking a shower when Amiee slips on in. Johnny is not comfortable with her being in the shower with him as shes his step-cousin. Amiee talks about how they are not doing anything wrong just saving water. She teases him with her body and when Johnny says something about her tits Amiee sees her chance and quickly seduces him. Soon she slips his hard dick deep inside of her and starts fucking her. He gets so wrapped up in how good it feels that he comes in side of her! For Amiee this is going better than planned as she has always had a thing for johnny and sees that his dick is raging hard and coaxes him into fucking her again. But this time she wants him to cum inside of her deeper. She cries out “breed me Johnny, I want your baby inside of me!” and Johnny cant help but comply.

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