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Amiee Cambridge – Brought Under the Spell of My Furs

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You my rich neighbour have come over to complain about god knows what but I know the truth you are just a horny pervert who is constantly watching me, wanting me. Well it’s payback time with the scent of the pheromones in my furs you fall under my spell by sniffing and worshiping them… your face buried in them…. you are under my total control. You cannot resist me, my beauty, my furs have you in a trance… you want me more than anything else in the world. I have you denouce your marriage, family and have you pledge yourself to me forever. as you are repeating vows of slavery I hand you a legally binding document where you sign over everything that you have. Your house, pension, retirement fund, cars everything is now mine. You are now penniless and your family homeless. You are now mine and your training begins you will become and IT to be used as I see fit and locked away in a cage until I want to use you.

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