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Amiee Cambridge – Denim and Hose

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The weather is getting colder which means I get to enjoy one of my favorite things… Thats right wearing pantyhose under my stylish denim jeans. The nylon layer helps keep my legs warm while the sensation of feeling my jeans rub against my hosed legs excites me with every step. They arent as stuffy as those thermal leggings that most girls end up wearing and getting a glimpse of my hose peeking out from the top of my waist band or even my ankles is a rush for guys like you. One of my favorite things about this pair is the ASS! Lol thong back pantyhose who would have guessed, this exact pair I have had for a year or two and never washed them! Why do that when by doing so i run the chance of ruining them? And besides the heavier the wear the more a hose boy will love them when I go to rehome them.

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