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Amiee Cambridge – Detention Thigh Fuck

Duration: 24:23s;
Quality: 1440x1080 HD;

Amiee is sent to detention/study hall on a saturday due to her failing grade. If she cant get it up she will lose her financial aid and get kicked out of the school. Amiee really just doesn’t seem to care about that at all. She whines and complains and instead fiddles with her uniform s garter and stockings. Seeing the reaction she is getting from Mr Rifle she takes it a step further and starts flashing her under garments at him. She senses his weakness and decides to go all in. She undresses down to her satin lingerie and seduces Mr Rifle into fucking her thighs so she doesn’t have to study and can leave early. What Amiee wants Amiee gets Mr Rifle didn’t stand a chance.

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