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Amiee Cambridge – Hate Your Ugly Wife

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Here you are again searching the depths of the internet for hot girls to jerk off to. Have you ever stopped and actually thought about why you are doing this? I bet its because your wife just doesn’t make you tingle like we do. She was hot once but after the wedding she has let herself go am I right? Of course i am right. She doesn’t spend anytime keeping herself together. Eyebrows need waxing, no makeup in sight and when she does put some on its half asses. Shes put on a ton of weight and doesn’t even bother dressing up even in the slightest for you anymore. I want you to take your rock hard dick out and stroke it to me. Stroke it to my hot body, my youth and my voice. As you stroke it I want you to feel the disgust and hate grow for your wife. Hate her for letting herself go hate her for becoming a pig. Hate her, hate her, hate her! Thats it say it, say it louder! MMMm god im so turned on I dont care if she hears. I want her to know that shes the reason why you are doing this that shes the reason that your marriage is falling apart. Say it with me as you come closer and closer to climax! I HATE MY UGLY FAT DISGUSTING WIFE!

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