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Amiee Cambridge – I Am Your Escape

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Awe you poor thing running away from that nagging wife of yours? I love how I am your first choice of escaping from her. But we need to talk I mean why are you even still with her? All she ever does is make you miserable. She has let herself go, doesn’t put out, doesn’t even bother keeping herself put together and after a long day at work all you want to do is com e home to a relaxing atmosphere but with her she immediately starts bitching about her day. Now look at me Im young, Hot and dont bitch fest about my issues. You come here and I am always on point, makeup done, nails done, hair ect. And when I am having a bad day I simply ask you for some money for some solo retail therapy. After some shopping I feel much better and I come back super perky with new lingerie and outfits that make your mouth water and dick hard. So seriously why are you still with her I think its about time that you leave her and come be with me permanently.

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