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Amiee Cambridge – Just Leave Her Already

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Come on baby seriously what are you still doing with her? You have been saying that you are going to lave her for weeks now. She doesnt appreciate you, she is always bitching about something, nagging you and never putting out. Seriously when was the last time she actually wanted to touch your dick? Her birthday is coming up and it will be just another year that you buy her fancy jewelry, take her out to a nice restaurant and you wont even get a thank you let alone sex! Look at me I want you I stop by and bring you lunch everyday, fuck your brains out am always willing to try new things. So fuck her and fuck her birthday! Give me her birthday present and the nice dinner out. Ill always put out and if you want a threesome Ill call up one of my hot girlfriends and we will make it an event, strawberries, whipped cream and champagne while we take care of your needs. So just leave your old cow already!

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