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Amiee Cambridge – Up Close With Your Trainers Ass

Duration: 11:13s;
Quality: 1440x1080 HD;

After a great workout you and your trainer are in a secluded stretch area and you cant help but check out your trainers ass. She catches you and demands that you get down on the floor, you think shes about to make you do more muscle work but instead she puts her ass right up in your face. Youre in shock, excited up until you realize she has other things in mind. She apparently has a lactose problem and her stomach is turning quite gassy. You beg and plead her to have mercy but she sits right on your face and lets one rip! The stench is unbearable and she flips over after removing her shorts and lets another out. You just cant stand it this punishment is just to much. How many more farts is she going to shove up your nose before she is done with you.

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