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Amiee Cambridge – What Is the Vault Key Code

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Poor Johnny hes a bank manager who finds himself in a predicament. You see Amiee here is a bank robber and she has her eyes set on robbing the vault but she needs Johnny to give up the code to do so. There is just one problem Johnny isnt having any of it and is being super stubborn. Amiee trys smacking him around and being rough with him but thats not getting her anywhere. Amiee decides that maybe Johnny just needs a softer more sensual approach. She starts over and presses herself up against him, trailing her long delicate fingers over his body, unbuttoning his shirt and whispering sweet steamy promises into his ear. Johnny clearly is responding to this method but will he give in and give Amiee what she wants? Watch and find out if Amiee breaks johnny.

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