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Ashley Alban – Ash Teases Her Bestie

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You are about to go to the mall with your friend Ash. You have a huge crush on her, and even though you know it’s unreciprocated, you still enjoy hanging out with her. But it’s almost like Ash teases you with her sexy body on purpose. It happens again today. She asks if she should change her clothes before you guys go shopping, and she stands and practically puts her ass in your face. She is wearing jeans and her butt looks so good. You tell her that you think her outfit is fine, but she laughs and says that you like anything she wears (which is true). She continues to think about changing, while she bends over in front of you. You can’t stop your boner from growing. Ash sees this, and giggles about it. She says that she knows you like her, but you two are just friends. She admits that she likes teasing you though. She says that you can enjoy yourself as long and you help her pick out an outfit. You pull out your dick as Ash continues to tease you. She pulls her jeans down and jiggles her ass cheeks. The view is so incredible you almost want to pop immediately. Ash stops you and says that you have to edge until she finds the perfect outfit. Next, Ash tries on a stripped skirt. It’s tight and it rides up easily if she bends over or shakes her ass. Ash sits down and crosses her legs since she knows you love them as well. She decides that it’s too risky to wear this skirt to the mall because if she drops anything her ass cheeks will be on display. Ash tries on a different skirt. This one is even tighter, but that actually makes it stay down better when she moves around. After testing out the skirt, Ash decides it’s perfect and sees that you’re about to explode. She removes her skirt and shakes her ass hard while encouraging you to cum.

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