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Astro Domina – Leather Housewife

Duration: 10:41s;
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You think married life with me is bliss? Well, for me it is. You on the other hand… As you walk into your kitchen, your gorgeous wife Sydney is standing by the stove wearing nothing but a revealing leather apron. She asks you about your day and proceeds to check your chastity cage. She plans to milk you today after being in chastity for 4 days. All this talk made you pretty excited so you get a boner fairly quickly. Sydney jerks you off for a while. But that doesn’t mean you get to cum. At least not yet. And when you do, it might not be as much fun as you thought it would be. Finally, you overhear your wife’s conversation with the neighbor. Sounds like the two of them will be having some sexy time later, after you give her a back massage. This is your life now and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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