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Aubrey Naughty – The Dicksucker

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This was originally a custom video that was requested by a client using his name throughout the video. His name has been edited out for this video, but the original is available for sale as well if requested. This video opens with the little dick hungry whore we all love, Aubrey Naughty, aka Naughty Girl Aubrey, on her knees greeting you as you get home, ready to suck your dick. Wearing only a blue satin nighty and blue panties. She wastes no time getting your dick out so she can show it some oral love and attention. She is ready to help you destress from a long day at work and immediately takes that dick into her mouth to start worshipping it. Licking and sucking the length of your shaft. Watch her devour this dick and take it all the way down to the balls like it was a piece of candy. Those lustful eyes staring at you as she carefully pleasures your manhood. Licking and gently sucking on your balls with that warm wet mouth and tongue. And then working her way back up your shaft to the head of your dick. Magically the full length of your rod disappears repeatedly down her throat, stroking you with her talented mouth. As you start to leak that pre-cum from the tip of your dick, that little cum slut licks and slurps it right up, enjoying every sweet drop. She starts milking your meat with a hand job to make sure that she doesn’t miss a drop. Naughty Aubrey whispers to you how much she loves the taste of pre-cum, and how much she wants you to blow your thick load into her pretty little mouth. Aubrey knows how hard your day was and wants to make you feel better by giving you a long, wet, slobbery blow job. Listen to her as she slurps and sucks on that pseudo dick, moaning the entire time. Telling you how much she wants to milk that cum out of your heavy balls. She squeezes your balls and strokes your shaft telling you how much she loves your dick, the way it tastes, the way it smells, it is her favorite. Then she buries it down her throat again, ramming it all the way to the base, telling you how good it feels going down her throat. Back and forth sucking on your balls then hard rod, building you up and keeping you on edge. You get to enjoy the view looking down on her pretty face as she tells you how much she enjoys sucking on your cock and playing with your cum swollen balls. Sliding that hard dick through those pretty pink lips until your nuts are resting against her chin. Pumping in and out feeling your hard shaft hitting the back of her throat. Then pulling out so she can give your balls some more oral attention as she strokes you with her hand. All the while staring up into your eyes. Not only can this hot little dick sucker give a great deep throat blow job, but she can hold it down her throat for a while as well, while massaging your dick with her tongue. Dirty Aubrey likes to give a good sloppy drool dripping blow job. Simultaneously sucking on your dick while giving you a hand job with spit dripping down over her big tits. What a beautiful sight to look down and see this little whore balls deep on your dick, big hard nipples sticking out…Mmmm. She knows that you are getting close, and starts sucking harder, while trying to swallow every inch of your dick. Aubrey really wants to feel you blow that hot load of man jizz and fill her little mouth. She wants to taste that creamy sweetness as she sucks every last drop out of your balls.

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