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Boba Bitch – College Campus Streaking to my Classroom

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I visited Colorado for a school conference, but can you guess what I did in my free time? Public nudity, of course! I start off by taking you on my adventure in the airport and my attempts at trying to get as naked as possible at the terminal. I’m not too successful, which only makes me bolder for my next dare. That night after landing, I visit the hotel gym. There’s one person working out, and he won’t seem to leave. I wonder what he would do if I just… got naked in front of him? I take off my shirt and see if he notices. He definitely does! I think it left him a little flustered since he then leaves very quickly! I then challenge myself with a CLASSIC clothing abandonment dare. I strip down completely and lock my clothes and key in my hotel room. I have to walk through the hotel hallways to get the spare key card that I’ve hidden in the building! Passing by so many doors that could open at any moment makes me so super aroused, so I have to take a little pit stop to finger my hungry pussy before heading back to my room.

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