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Bratty Bunny – Goddess Bunny Worship 2020

Duration: 16:51s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

Stop being scared. Stop being completely worthless. Time to give in. Do it. Do it for Goddess Bunny. Time to fully commit. It’s not like you have to think about anything. I take over your mind. I turn you into a good slave. You just do what I say. It’s that easy. Let my words manipulate and mind fuck you. Let this year be a submissive year for you. You will find your rightful path under me. Right, where you belong. In the Bunny hole. Deeper and deeper you go, you’ll feel more comfortable being completely weak and submissive to my words. You haven’t fully committed until you are a blisssful slave under me, being controlled by me. I’ll push you down. You’ll feel my power overtake you. It’s nothing you have felt before. Or you were too scared to get to before. Go ahead, give in to Goddess Bunny. I rule you. I own you. I control you.

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