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Candy Glitter – Release Does Not Exist

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You fucking love cumming. Everybody does. You love the feeling of intense pleasure, you love the rush of endorphins, and you love the release of sexual tension. But there’s something else. After you cum, your mental state changes. Post Nut Clarity is the common term. You get a little break from being the porn obsessed pervert that you normally are. You might get a little time to yourself, to take care of things on your to do list. You get to feel normal for a little bit. You probably think it’s pretty great. But, you’re fucking wrong. Because you might feel a sense of relief, but we both know that every time you cum for me, you’re building your need. Every time you cum, your desire builds and builds. Your reprieve is a deception. Your release isn’t what it seems. Release doesn’t not exist.

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