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Cassidy Banks and Rahyndee James – Superbound Prison Compilation a Near Perfect Escape

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In the hallway of a penitentiary beautiful buxom prison-guard Rahyndee drags in gorgeous busty Cassidy wearing an orange jumpsuit with her wrists handcuffed behind her. Cassidy is new and defiant so Rahyndee decides to put her in her place by humiliating and taking advantage of her! She unzips Cassidy’s baggy uniform to reveal huge natural breasts that she squeezes hard and even moves in close to suck on her nipples! Cassidy is uncomfortable and weirded out by this harassment. On the pretext of needing to search her, she makes Cassidy turn around so that her cuffs can be removed and then her uniform is taken off as well so that a proper strip search can be conducted! In a highly selective and erotic manner Rahyndee orders her to put her hands up against the wall and ‘searches’ every inch of Cassidy as we see the poor prisoner wince at this invasive procedure that seems anything but by the book! Rahyndee notices how pert her prisoner’s ass is and gives it a thorough viewing and squeezes it a bit in a rather gratuitous move! Feeling the need to humiliate Cassidy even more Rahyndee goes and gets some shackles and puts them on Cassidy who is completely immobilized with a belly chain that runs between her legs. She is then dragged off to be ‘punished’! Time passes and we see Cassidy back in her orange jumpsuit and wearing shackles on her wrists and ankles. She’s outside and is clearly making a break for it and keeps running when she hears voices nearby! A house beckons as a possible rest-stop and she manages to get inside through the patio door and can’t believe her luck when she spots handcuff keys and a phone sitting there in front of her (you’d think she’d wonder how that little bit of fortuitous luck could happen!). Cassidy quickly frees herself, gets out of the hated jumpsuit and calls her friend to come pick her up! Feeling hot and tired she goes and gets some water and pours some of it on her ample chest which is fun to watch! She wanders around goes into the bedroom and hops onto the bed and looks down and finds something that might prove useful! Now armed she hears something and rushes to investigate. Looking out the window she sees that it’s prison guard Rahyndee! Realizing now why she found handcuff keys in the house Cassidy rushes to hide as Rahyndee comes inside and thinks out loud about the prison break that has kept her busy today! Suddenly Cassidy jumps out and confronts her, but Rahyndee fearlessly walks right up to her and takes away Cassidy’s ‘advantage’ (no ammo makes it easy for her!) and proceeds to put Cassidy back into handcuffs! She gets in close as Cassidy realizes she is once again at her mercy! Rahyndee calls for someone to come and pick up Cassidy, but tells them to wait outside until she gives them the word. Clearly, she has something planned for the escapee and smiles as she goes back to play with Cassidy some more!

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