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Countess Jezebeth – Antidote

Duration: 15:28s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

Custom clip, no name used. The video starts off innocently enough. You want me to inhale for you again but this time you promise it’ll be fun. Using that same device from Evaporate, you have me inhale. As things start to get hazy, you get more deviously excited. You explain that the gas I inhaled is actually toxic, and I’ve just taken a lethal dose. Without the antidote, I’ll be gone in a matter of minutes. Lucky for me, you have the antidote right here. All I have to do is reach out and take it from you but… I can’t move. The gas has made me immobile. OK, that wasn’t fair… you knew I wouldn’t be able to move. If I want the antidote, all I have to do is ask you for it but… I can’t speak. You see the desperation in my eyes and decide to give me one last chance. If I want the antidote, I’ll have to do is stare at it but I can’t accomplish even that because now my eyes are so heavy and I’m starting to drift away. You tell me you’ll give me the antidote but it’ll mean that I now owe you my life and that I will belong to you forever. You tell me to trust you, give in, and close my eyes, and you promise to save me before it’s too late. When I first close my eyes, it’s totally silent. After a few seconds, I start to hear you very faintly saying “breathe.. breathe…” As it gets louder and I regain myself, I open my eyes. You are very happy because now I literally owe you my life.

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