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Crystal Knight – Become a Cuck Or We Breakup

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I’m so tired of your pathetic excuse of a cock. I’m so done giving blowjobs to such a disappointment. Here’s the thing, we either break up and go our separate ways or you become a cuckold. You become a chastity obsessed voyeur that gets to watch as I get fucked by real men and never gets to participate. I converted our bedroom wall into a two-way mirror so you can sit on the outside and watch as multiple men please my body at the same time. I want to make sure they perform right. You can’t be a distraction in the room. You don’t deserve to be a part of my sex life anymore. I’d rather use you for more pleasurable things like driving me wherever I want, paying for my outfits for dates, taking me shopping, and maybe just maybe I’ll let you stroke as a reward. You’re just a helpless cuck. Three guys including your best friend are coming over tonight. I’m going to go send them pics of what they’re getting soon. One after another they’re coming over to pleasure my body the way you never could. Can you handle this? Can you handle being a locked up cuck? Well you have two choices we either break up or you become a cuck.

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