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Crystal Knight – Extremely Addictive JOI Edging

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Im the naughtiest girl in school. I always get put in detention. I think its because all my teachers get so jealous of how easily I seduce the whole school. I go from class to class giving every guy a boner its ridiculous. Everyone wants me. My naughty uniform, my high heeled boots, and dominant attitude has everyone falling in lust. Its a gift I have but I have heard something I want to test, I want to see if its true that jerking your dick to even just the thought of me makes the biggest, best, orgasms. Jerking to me is even better than sex. So I’m going to test it on you by instructing you. Teasing you and make you really fall under my spell. But I’ve also heard once you jerk and edge to this naughty school girl, your addicted forever. Lets see if its true, lets see how huge I can make that mess.

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