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Crystal Knight – Ms Marvel Masturbation Instruction

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Take it all in. I know how weak I make people when they see my “work attire.” Nothing is hotter than kicking ass in my skin tight bodysuit. My curves are so accentuated, so desirable, so superior. You can’t help but jerk to me every time you see me on TV. I’m on the news 24/7. I’m Ms. Marvel and the worlds obsessed with me. You are too. You happened to catch my eye at a crime scene last week, I had to come find you and see where this could go. But in order to start this fling, I have to see what you’re working with. I have to see how you jerk it, how you follow instructions, and how disciplined you are. You can only cum when I allow you to, let’s see how well you do. This can become a very common thing, prove to me you deserve it.

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