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Daisy Haze – Well Always Have Portland

Duration: 9:49s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

Do you remember when you visited me in Portland? I showed up at your hotel room, silky lingerie under my jacket, and kissed you as I unzipped your jeans. My hand brushed against your cock as I guided you onto the bed — you were so warm on my fingertips. My lips moved down your chest, tongue tracing your muscles. Your eyes were wild with an anticipation that filled the room. It filled my lungs and poured from my lips like honey, sickly sweet and begging for more. I took it. I took every inch of you into my mouth. You were stiff against my tongue, throbbing with each aching heartbeat. Yet whenever I felt you close to cumming, I pulled away — not wanting to let you go, not yet. I wanted more — all of you. Do you remember yet? My mouth, my tongue, my sweet teasing? TLDR

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