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Destinationkat – An Innocent Puzzle

Duration: 29:41s;
Quality: 3840x2160 HD;

*All characters in this video are played by me! It’s a boring day and I really want to do a puzzle to get entertainment. Your wife says she can’t because she’s busy, so she suggested that you do it with me. We begin to do the puzzle and my legs are spread open wide. I act like it’s normal, when in reality I’m trying to get your attention. We continue doing the puzzle and my legs get wider and my pussy gets closer to your face as I tempt you to look. Your wife comes back and says she has to go to the store, unaware that I’m fully flashing you. She leaves and we continue. I try my best to get you to fuck me, but she comes back just before you go for it. We’ll have to finish this later!

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