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Dina Sky – A Good Morning Sex

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This was a custom video. Its early morning and I decided I want to wake you up with my lips wrapped around your morning wood, already naked I start sucking on you, turning around to see its woke you up just how I wanted it too. I talk about how I know you have had a stressful time lately and I wanted to give you a “head” start in the right direction. We get so caught up in things and don’t have lot time, you need this baby. I turn around so I can look at you while I suck you hard cock, licking, playfully enjoying every moment of it, until I know your close and encourage you to give me that load. You blow a nice load all over my big tits and I lick some of it before saying, “Now its time for the main course…” It starts with me slowing teasing your head with my pussy, and then finally sliding it all the way in nice and deep and riding you and bouncing those big tits in your face and feeling my tight pussy squeezing on your aching cock. Nothing else matters but the pure pleasure, talking about how good you feel inside of me, how hard that nice cock is, I decide I know something that will really send you over the edge. I take your cock out of my pussy and lean back and push it into my tight asshole, inch by inch and let you enjoy the view as I ride your cock in my ass. I realize you need to see me from behind too, you need to gaze your eyes on that big ass, as I swallow your dick with my booty. I turn over and ride your cock in my ass, deep, shaking that ass, and workin it all over while I tell you to get ready, after some hot sexy anal riding, we can’t hold it anymore, I cum hard with your dick inside of me, and you unload your load in my ass at the same time, feeling completely emptied and relieved. I take your cock out slowly and let you see all your cum drip out, it was so much cum, you know I always got you babe, this is definitely a perfect way to start off the day….

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