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Dina Sky – After Work Shower Fun

Duration: 9:32s;
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This was a custom video request, there isn’t any nudity aside from the see through bra & maybe a shot of my pussy and bare ass and there isn’t talking in here but merely focused on enjoyment, masturbation, and water – wet look. The concept I just got home from a long day at work still dressed in heels, short black skirt, white button up blouse, black pin striped jacket, and a purple sheer bra underneath, panties are gone ;). I touch myself on the bed getting myself worked up with my vibrator until I decide I want to go into the shower. Water always makes me feel so hot, horny, and wet, and I just have to do this. I get into the shower with my clothes still on and turn it on, the rush of feeling the hot water hit my body and drip down to soak my clothes feels so good, I touch my body move around a few different angles getting soaked as can be, eventually taking my jacket off and keeping the white blouse on. I have brought my dildo in their with me and decide to slide down on it in the shower taking it deep in me, I briefly bounce on it a few times both from frontal and behind and now I grab my vibrator and start rubbing myself and touch ing my body while the water flows down me until I cum hard. Then switches to a tub full of water where I dunk myself into it and lift up so you can see the water drip off my blouse and my soaking body, a few times- then I finish off with sucking a dildo a few times and making it squirt cum all over my blouse/boobs and I dunk a few times opening my blouse and the end.

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