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Dina Sky – Anal Deal With Your Father

Duration: 20:49s;
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This was a custom video and continuance to, “Dumped your older bro for You.” The first 10 minutes is heavy on the role-play (plot) & dialogue and then the last 10 minutes consists of the stripping, blowjob, riding/anal, & cream pie. I am staying in the hotel room that you paid for, wrapped in my towel trying to decide what to wear and my phone vibrates, all excited it’s you but then as I read the texts its bad news, your telling me that you can’t see me anymore that its not worth the strain its put on your family & your willing to give me 10k to get me back on my feet as long as I agree not to talk to you anymore. Well that ain’t happening, how dare you try to buy me off and think its going to work like that, I will not have that, I will have the money and I will have you, I mean lets be real you won a lot of money, 10k is just not enough besides I already dumped your older brother to be with you and travel the world. I get dressed and next scene I am outside your house trying to figure out how to get in without getting noticed by your mom cause I know she will call the cops if she sees me, I remember your laundry room being open so I decide to sneak through there and enter your bedroom and surprise you when I turn the light on and yell out you for trying to “buy me off” however as I turn on the light I realize its not you, its your father in your bedroom, wait what? What is going on? Why are you in his bedroom, where is he? You, (his father) tell me that your son is staying in a hotel room, it was your idea to give you money to get you on your feet, and that you had a few and the wife doesn’t like it so you decided to stay in your son’s bedroom for the night. You ask me why I am here, why I snuck in and trespassing and that you can call the cops, you accuse me of just wanting your son for the money, and that your trying to tear the family apart with your body. I tell you that’s not the case I like your son, I think I could make him happy, but maybe your right the money would be the main reason cause I don’t have a job, I don’t have a place to stay and I planned to be with your son instead, I mean I know my body is in my favor. You tell me there is a way to persuade you……by giving you anal, you’ve always wanted to try anal, but wife won’t and you want a piece of what you’re son’s have had so you agree if I give you my ass and let you cum in my ass, then you’ll tell me where your son is. Hesitant at first to the idea, I mean your his father, I don’t know, but I decide I will if that’s what it takes, I strip out of my see-thru leggings, bend over to show my ass, and then tell him to get on the bed so I can blow his mind, and his cock. I start sucking it, deepthroat, jerking it off with a bit of disinterest, you insist I need to get into it, and I do, being little rougher with me, but your nice and hard so I climb on top and slide you in my tight asshole, I bounce my big ass up and down, talk dirty about you finally getting to do anal, and fucking my ass, and getting to experience what you have admired and your son’s have had. Towards the end you get rougher on me and push me down on that cock deep, and I ask why your being so rough, and call myself a whore for you, I eventually ride your cock till you blow a huge load inside of my ass, I slide your cock out and let the cum drip out of my tight asshole, “wow that was a lot of cum” and tell you that was pretty hot honestly, I enjoyed that, you hand me a piece of paper with a address on it for a Hotel and the room number on where he’s staying. I thank you and grab my things and exit the room.

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