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Dina Sky – Audition Tape For Futa Website

Duration: 16:21s;
Quality: 2560x1440 HD;

This was a custom video (note if you would like the 1080p or 720p after purchase, message me.) I heard news about a new website that’s in the works and there looking for some of the best and I know I am one of them, confident in my “huge” assets. I decide to press record and start my audition tape. I introduce myself, and go straight into showing off what I got, starting with my amazing cleavage, and those big tits I got hiding, giving the “viewer” a nice tease view of them up and close, I turn around and show off my other big asset, something round and huge, my ass. I show it off in the jeans, but I feel its just not doing it justice enough, let me peel these tight jeans down just enough so you can see my big ass. After showing off some, I sit back, slightly rubbing my thigh Where you can see a definition of a bulge, I start talking about my fetishes and fantasies, what I like to do, like I love to be spanked, I love to be on top riding it, or giving it ;), I love my nipples being bit, twist them, bite em some, oh and I have to say I am pretty amazing role-player in the bedroom I can take just about any role and it makes come to life, another reason why you need me on your website, I am confident I am the only one you will need on your site you shall see, I start to get pretty worked up talking about my fetishes, even talking about deep throating a big dick down my mouth, that I am pretty horny, I mean I am beginning to lose myself, which I’d say brings me to my final and reason for this tape, my third huge asset, that seals the deal…. My futa dick, I unzip my pants and unload a nice massive cock out of my pants. I start jerking It and showing it off, makin sure to get the best angles, I lick the head and slide it between my breasts, why, because I can, its big enough for that, I measure it to show you how many inches I am packing, with my measuring tape putting it at 10, er wait 12 inches. Thats right all these inches, taking my big tits out and squeezing them, and encouraging the “viewer” to jerk off too, I know your turned on just as much as me right now, so you might as well jerk that hard cock of yours while I stroke mine, I use both hands and work it, I slap it on my tits, and talk about how I can go on and on for hours, I have long endurance with this, I can even cum on command, and still be hard and ready to go again, I just love having a dick so much, It just makes me so hot, and a sex fanatic. At this point I decide to show you some of my cumshot, love giving myself a self-facial, and even swallowing some of my cum in my mouth, I let it release stroking this huge cock with both hands it hits me in my mouth, my chin, and my eye, and hair, see now how hot is that? I encourage you to explode too, and decide maybe that was enough for my audition tape, I should expect to hear from you soon, like I said you need me, you will want me, and I should be on your futanari website.

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