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Dina Sky – Bimbofied Hubby

Duration: 26:2s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

This was a custom video request shot in POV, non nude/light tease of cleavage Iingerie focused more on the dialogue. It’s about an anniversary gift gone very wrong between a wife and husband. In the eve our anniversary you surprise me with a wrapped gift, I am so happy you remembered and can’t wait to open it. Its a beautiful necklace, but you go on to tell me its a magic necklace. I laugh at you, with no belief in what you say, and tell you your so gullible, as I put the necklace on I say, “if this is really a magic necklace than I wish for you to have big fake breasts.” To my sudden surprise you chest becomes two HUGE bimbo breasts and I am in in complete shock. AS this has proved its really magic, I decide to have a little more fun with it. I talk about a REAL MAN’s BIG dick exploding between them and covering them in cum. I imagine more CHANGES and wish for more plastic bimbo changes. The wishes are plastic surgery based, using magic to get extreme real world results, a voluptuous hourglass figure, huge ass implants, and DICKSUCKING lip implants, long fake bleached hair, pretty pink/red nails, tramp stamp tattoo, high stripper heels etc. I wish for them individually and like teasing as I see that you HATE this. I describe in detail how your body has changed, and what things would be done to you with the body you have now. I explain how your a straight man but with a body like this you attract all the real men. I even wished for your dick to be 2 inches because it would fit the body more. I intend to change you back just wanted to have some fun, but I realize I probably took it a little too far and you are clearly hating it and wish to go back. I begin to take the necklace off because I think it be fun to watch, enjoy it, you in this body for little bit, let you try to enjoy it, but you get upset and want me to change you back. I get mad at you and say, “ that if I wanted you to stay like this you would WISH for these changes to be PERMANENT. “ This is COMPLETELY accidental, as I forget that I had the necklace ON still, meaning it counted,I gasp realizing what I have done, shocked, trying to wish for you to go back, I have made you a 2 inch bimbo shemale, permanently.

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