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Dina Sky – Bowsette

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This was one of my biggest production in terms of cosplay. I spent a lot of time in making everything, literally everything aside from the wig, fishnets. I wanted to recreate something similar to inside Bowser’s Castle, and keeping things dimensional & somewhat authentic. I truly had so much fun putting this all together, and I think it shows. The video starts with a introduction & time warped into the castle scene where I walk in and startle you, you were expecting him weren’t you, so you could come save your “princess’ Well I had to do a lot to convince him to let me battle you, I wanted to take you on myself, if you want to save your princess than you will just have to play my game or fight me, and defeat me, so what’s it going to be? Either you play my game, or I’ll send you right back at the way you came. I can assure you, this is the type of thing you want to be apart of, teasing you with my cleavage, your finding it hard to look away from, until you find yourself succumb to my plans. I want your cock, that’s right, let’s see if you can hold out, and not cum until I tell you, so go on get it out….now say it, “I want to fuck Bowsette” Very well, just how I wanted it, I’ve been cooped up in this castle far too long, and I am going to get what I want…wow, I had a feeling you were packing a big package, and hard already, I bet you want these lips around that cock of yours….im pretty sure you won’t be even thinking about saving your princess with what I am going to do to you, I am going too be very bad but in a good way. I take down my bra, I show off my big tits, knowing there better than hers, and I I get on my knees and work my mouth all over that cock, jerking you, sucking you, and teasing you, you surpass level 1 without cumming, very well let’s get to level 2, let see if you can hold out between my big tits, I slide your big cock between my big tits and fuck them, moaning with delight of how good it feels to finally have a cock between my tits….whats even better is fucking around with the enemy’s lady, your biggest rival, I am that hot and I am trying hard to make you hold out (secretly I want more than just this), you end up not cumming, so lets get to level 3 shall we, I’m surprised you managed to hold off, I jerk your cock a bit more, and suck on it, and as I look up at you and cradle your balls you lose control and explode a thick load of cum into my mouth, and onto my face…disappointed, game over…defeated you weren’t suppose to cum..but as I lick your cum off my fingers I start to think merely in (desperation) for wanting to be fucked, how about I give you another chance, on second thought I really want you to fuck me…power UP, and get ready for level 3 because it starts now. Resuming our fun, I get down on all fours doggystyle, and slide my bodysuit over and put your big cock inside of me, the feeling has overcome me and I let out moan, oh that feels so good, yes give it to me in that tight hole. I take your dick in and out of my pussy moaning and begging for it, we switch positions to me on top for a little bit, letting you get a great view of those big tits I have, bouncing and shoving them in your face, before its time its time, I get on top and ride your cock with my big ass facing you, taking in that dick and getting you ready to explode for me, just wait till I say….I want your cum deep inside of me, the feeling of your filling me up is what I need, I ride you till I know im close, and I tell you to get ready…milking that cock with my tight pussy, I demand you to cum, do it, cum inside of me, I hope you have a even bigger load than before, fill me up. I feel the cum shooting inside of me, and I climb off and let is drip out of me, teasing my pussy with my hands and soaking in that load of cum, very well you a deal is a deal, the key to your princess is over there, but I really think you should rethink that, imagine what more we could do together, how much hotter it can be, your torn, you looking at me with my legs spread and your cum dripping down my wet pussy, and you find yourself forgetting even what your purpose was in the first place…could it be that you choose me, over Princess “Peach” …….

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