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Dina Sky – Breast Expansion Krampus Cums To Town

Duration: 26:26s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

This was a custom video. Bratty Dina gets made fun of school because even though she’s already pretty busty for her age, all the other girls are bigger and have implants their daddies paid for them, but her daddy won’t do it. She decides to resort to the only person she knows who will, Santa of course. She writes a letter asking for the biggest set of beach ball tits she can get, and promising with naughty returns if he grants it. She heads to bed excited and hopeful they will come soon. AS she lay there, a big cock slides into her mouth as she is laying there, waking up with a surprised face, she continues to suck it, its dark but she thinks its Santa. He explodes in her mouth and as a good girl she is she tries to swallow most of it, even with some dripping out of the corner of her mouth. She turns the light on but is in shock, “wait a minute your not Santa” Apparently Mrs.Claus didn’t like the naughty letter she sent Santa, so she sent Krampus to punish the bratty girl. Within seconds she feels her back arch back and something is happening, her breasts have grown to small beach balls, she is completely excited about her new big tits. She touches them, runs her hands around them, and is thankful but she really wants bigger ones, they even grown again to balloon tits, trying to tell him to give her more, she maneuvers around her new big tits to get some more cum in her mouth, some of them miss her mouth, she knows he has more cum and she’s not letting him leave till she gets all of it, no one tells her no and gets away with it! Krampus decides to give into the bratty Dina and lets her climb on top and bounce her new big balloon tits up and down, and turns around and rides his cock some more to give a nice angle view of her big tits, after awhile they start to hit her face and she feels like its enough, he’s summed inside of her and even inflated her belly some, he stops and pulls out to cum on her big chest, and prepares to leave, giving some more thought she quickly changes her mind and asks for more, she wants the biggest beach ball tits in the world, so she can show them off at school and everyone will like her and be jealous, but he says no, “you didn’t learn a thing did you”, and he cums but it only hits her tits, she can’t seem to get the cock near her mouth in time with how big her tits are now. He leaves shes disappointed but decides to enjoy her new tits, trying to figure out a way to lay back down with this big beach ball tits, and her inflated belly makes it kinda of hard, but she can’t wait till everyone sees them. Maybe next year she will write to Krampus instead of Santa. This video had a overall cutesy, bratty, fun tone to it. There is no solid nudity in the video aside from some penetration of the dildo from behind. The main focus is the breast expansion and inflation. There is two cumshots total with dildo in it, and a slight few times the balloon view can be seen on top because of the wide neck of shirt but I did my best to mask it in order to give the feel of them being huge fake implants.

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