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Dina Sky – Cheating With New Neighbor

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You are the new neighbor. You were conversing with my husband who invited you in to our place for some cocktails I come to introduce myself, we make some small talk before I usher my husband to go find the fine bottle that we’ve been saving for a special occasion, I decide to send him on a bit of wild goose hunt to find certain glasses that way it give me some time, I have you follow me to the kitchen, where I know you’ve been staring at my cleavage, I think you realize Im coming onto you, and strong. Seconds pass by and I am taking my big breasts out of my bra and letting you get a real good look at them, I see your hard on, wouldn’t want to let you walk around with that, might as well give you a warm welcome to the neighborhood. Husband starts coming over, and I slyly tell him “try lookin in the other cabinet”, I purposely did this because I know where they are, but right now I want to wrap my lips on your hard aching cock. I get on my knees I start sucking it and taking it deeper into my mouth, in between telling my husband where it could be, we better make it quick before he gets here, sucking you off, you can’t hold it back, you blow your load in my mouth and its so much I almost can’t keep it in my mouth, couple more hot cumshots on my big chest, and im nice and wet with cum, he’s on his way over to us, and I quickly grab my apron and try to clean up the mess. Double checking that everything is gone, he walks over to us, and I think notices my face I come up with some excuse and we go onto have our cocktails, I whisper in your ear hoping I’ll see more of you again. A couple days later I am out for a regular run around the neighborhood and just so happens so are you, I run into you and make some small talk about things before I decide to ask you if you could come by my place and help me with moving this piece of furniture, husbands at work and I want to get it done beforehand, could really use your help, what you say? I make it pretty hard for you say no. At my place, let me change into something more comfortable. You walk away for a brief moments to go get me ice. I am on the bed in my sports bra and panties awaiting you…. not expecting to see me like that, your not going to decline a invitation at having more of me now are you? I quickly get to work on your hard cock, sucking it and trying to not make it obvious while my husband calls asking what I am doing, and why im making moans, groans, and wet noises, etc, I try to play it off like I hurt my ankle on a run, and we continue to go at it, but you are going further this time you want to fuck me, and you throw me over and slide my panties to the side and slide on in and fuck me, I try to hold back but damn it feels really good. My husband becomes more and more concerned and says he’s on his way to check on me, even though I reassure him everything is okay, he’s persistent on coming, right around the corner, so unfortunately we have to stop are cheating escapade, and I feel bad your left with a hard on and I can’t get more of that cock. Later that evening, you’ve come by my balcony because you think you left your “keys” at my house earlier, in which I think we know your intentions were more, I usher you into the closet to make sure my husband is knocked out in other room, but before we even move out I am on my knees sucking your cock in my sexy blue robe and blue lingerie. I keep thinking he’s going to awake, and im nervous but also wanting that load of cum, for a moment there I pause and I think I Hear him, and you release a big load on my face so unexpected but I love it, cum in my eye, cum all over my face, and its just making me want to fuck your cock now. We sneak around to the other room and finally get to fuck just how I wanted. I suck you some, then I climb on top of your hard cock and ride you bouncing my big ass in your face, and eventually turning around and letting you enjoy my big tits (pov) In your face while telling you to keep going I want to cum for you, trying to keep quiet and putting hand over my mouth, I cum hard all over your dick, winded by how hot that just was, I am ready to make you explode again, you throw me on the bed missionary and fuck me, before bringing yourself close to cumming, and I drop down to my knees and beg for your cum, you tell me to get louder, and I get louder, nervous but awaiting that big load your going to give me, Im sucking your cock and turn my head to see my husband right there, but you just cum all over me to the point I can’t even see, trying to explain myself, but enjoying the cum, you tell me you think he is Sleeeeeeeps walking, he walks away. Oh, well that means we might be able to do this again sometime.

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