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Dina Sky – Closing The Sale Anal BBC

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I am your real estate agent and I’ve been trying for months to find you the right place and with all the time invested into this I am desperate to close the sale and this place I feel is the one for you. Explaining to you how well under market it is and it fits every things you wanted, and you’d be saving a lot with the offer we will put out there, it seems all my attempts isn’t working for you. I decide maybe there’s a way to sweeten the deal some, how about….blowjob? and we sign the papers? You don’t oblige to the idea and seem very interested now, I slowly tease you with my sexy cleavage pouring out of my button down blouse, and turn over to give you a good view of that sexy ass with those stockings on. I give some good spanks, take out my big tits and let the spit drip down them, getting all worked up, I become your naughty slut eager to suck your cock. After getting a good view of your big black cock I get on my knees and begin working my mouth all over it. I take some long licks, kisses, and slide it down my throat and sucking it good but I decide I can’t stop there I have to feel this big cock between my tits, letting you titty fuck them real good, to the point you end up blowing a nice big load all over my tits and face. I feel though like unfinished business, I mean I got to suck you, titty fuck you, and now I am all horny so how about we fuck next? I bend over and beg for you to fuck my pussy, please daddy, I want it so bad now, now I am all submitted to you and this big cock. Feeling you go deep inside of me and stretching me out, you fuck me harder and I keep begging for more, you tease me some by sliding it out and then I beg for it to go back inside of me, but this time you slide it in my ass with a bit of a struggle, me being so tight, I object and tell you that’s not my pussy, you way to big to go in my ass, it hurts, I moan load, and beg for you to take it out but you keep pushing it in until the point where I begin to thoroughly enjoy that bbc in my ass and demand you fuck me even harder, grab my ass, spank my ass, and fuck my ass daddy. I want you to give me that load daddy, cum in my ass, you blow a big load deep inside my ass and take your cock out and I feel the cum dripping out, fuck that was hot. So your buying the house now right? How about next week we meet here to sign the papers and you fuck my pussy.

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