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Dina Sky – Controlled By Bullys Panties

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This was a custom video where things are switched up some. I come to confront my son’s bully, a younger girl same age as my son answers the door, I explain to her that I want to talk to my son’s bully, maybe your brother? She explains to me that she is my son’s bully, that she’s been the one making fun of him, and talking about him at school. I show her the messages and in rather shock that’s she’s claiming to be the one that’s started all this, she confirms it again with me that is is indeed her. I tell her that that’s no excuse to be treating someone like this, if you don’t like my son leave him alone…. as I say that she throws a pair of her panties on my head, I try to take them off and start to feel a little dizzy, confused on why they won’t come off, I sniff her panties and something comes over me, almost like a power, maybe magic, but it puts me into a submissive state of mind, suddenly the only thing I can think about is wanting to serve her, wanting to become her submissive slut and doing anything she asks in return for her panties, her scent.. She puts a collar around me and tells me what to do. Starting with taking off my shirt, and twerking for her. After I have twerked for her, being a mindless slut for my mistress she has me suck on her big cock (her strap on) I suck the big huge cock, talking submissive, and serving her every request, she turns me over and fucks me (pov virtual) and makes me work hard to be rewarded, and the only thing I want is to serve her, to please her, she has me on my knees sucking her big cock and begging for that cum. She treats me like the cum dumpster slut I am and gives me multiple loads of cum all over my face, I am rewarded with another pair of her panties to sniff for my enjoyment and she asks me to leave.

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