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Dina Sky – Cum Eating Obsessed Slave

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You are my slave and I am your mistress, your suppose to be on your knees in my presence I walk in to see you standing, and you know how I feel about that. I decide to tease you some with my insane amount of cleavage in my tight black, vinyl/pvc dress, my luscious blonde hair, and my lips as I talk about how much your love eating cum, your cum eating slave. I humiliate you about how pathetic it is that it makes you so hard at the thought of eating cum, this time I have a surprise for you, I am going to make you eat the cum I squirt all over your face with my dildo, and then if you do good and clean up the mess, you’ll get a countdown and will cum and eat your own cum as well, what a perfect dinner & dessert and amusement for me before I got on my hot date. I squirt cum on your face making you eat it up, watching the dick drip and explode you clean it up like you know best licking it off your fingers, smushing it onto your tongue and cleaning up every last drop, at this point your cock is throbbing and you await my countdown. I give you permission to cum, and you demand you eat it, licking it all up, what a good cum eating slave.

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