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Dina Sky – Dads New Girlfriend

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This is a custom video. I am your dad’s new girlfriend for last couple months, we met when I was a nurse at the facility where your dad was getting some minor surgery done and just hit it off. I am the reason for your dad’s separation from your mother and you don’t have any interest in talking to me but your father suggests we all go out to eat together and that is where this video begins. We go to a new modern restaurant in town, colorful lightning and evening tone, I am dressed appropriately having conversation with your dad to left of me, I engage in some small talk with you, bringing up your gaming & how I enjoy a good game. Your a bit of a nerd and spend hours upon hours in your bedroom gaming and even though I am making the attempt you’re quick to shut me down by just nodding your head and giving me very short answers. I make the suggestion to play with you sometime but you seem to be very disinterested….I decide to ask if you have a girlfriend and that immediately sets an awkward vibe at the table because your father bluntly says, “No, he has never even had a girlfriend.” I take this in mind and decide I might use this as a way to get you to like me… you asked to be excused to go to the restroom and you leave. I turn to your dad and say, “I just don’t get it why won’t he like me?” “Give him time he will come around” he says. Well I decide to find a reason to excuse myself too, suggesting to order me another wine why I head to the restroom. This is my time to make a move, pushing up my breasts, I walk in and shut the door behind me. Your telling me to leave now, and I tell you to hear me out…. I know what it’s like to not have anyone like you, I myself was a bit of nerd growing up, so why don’t you let me give you that. I bet you would love to seem my tits…I slowly take down my dress, your surprised because I hid them so well. As I come closer with my big tits, I let you touch them, and realize I have made you have a boner, I suggest that I can give you a blowjob and let you explode. You’re all in at this point, I mean you have no real experience, you are rock hard, and quite attracted to me, so you let me do it. I start with a nice grip on your cock, and slide you between my big breasts with my bra on, I mean there’s no harm in this, I start to fuck your cock with my big tits, getting you aching for more, and as it goes on I stroke your cock with my hands, and decide to take my big tits out and wrap them around your cock giving you the full experience, and intervals I work my pretty mouth around your cock sucking you, and feeling you throb in my mouth, I almost forget were in the public restroom and realize we got finish this up, I jerk you off and tell you release your cum, you explode all over my big tits, my face, and I lick some of it up, delighted on the big load you just delivered to me. I hear someone outside and realize I think its your dad, he’s going to suspect something so lets make a plan, as I quickly try to cover up the cum, pulling up my bra, dress, and patting down my face, I suggest I go out first then you come little bit later to the table…..I think I may just have got you to finally like me.

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