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Dina Sky – Dear Santa All I Want Is BBC

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This was a custom video. Twas the night before Christmas, I am dressed in my cute onesie by the Christmas Tree, listening to some holiday tunes and writing my letter to Santa. I read out my letter as I write it telling Santa I know I’ve been naughty this year, but I am hoping he can grant me this one wish and then I promise to be nice. My boyfriend’s dick is really small and just not satisfying for me, and I really want something big, I want a bbc. I want to feel my lips around a bbc, I want its so bad. I place some milk and cookies and the letter by the tree and off to bed I go. I awake when I hear sudden bang and noise, and realize its probably Santa, jumping out of bed I go to see, but its not Santa, it looks like someone broke in my house and is trying to take my presents, I run back to the bed and call the police because I know my boyfriend isn’t going to do anything about it. Minutes go by before I finally here someone at my door, it seems like forever but finally, oh wait, looking the police officer up and down, smiling, well hello officer forgetting for a moment the purpose of why he’s here, staring down at his pants, I tell him im scared and he’s in there somewhere, I follow you to the laundry room but we see nothing there, still scared I grab your night stick, well your cock, apologizing. I turn around and say while were here in my kitchen why not have some of my cookies officer turning around I show off my big boobs but your on duty and here to catch the burglar, “can’t go getting me in trouble lady” so I decide okay maybe he’s in the bathroom follow me officer. Theres no burglar in the bathroom but secretly I wanted to get you somewhere where my boyfriend upstairs wouldn’t here us so I can suck on your bbc, your resistant to my offer but I am not taking no for a answer I get down and pop out your cock and start sucking it, for a moment your in state of happiness cause it feels so good but eventually you come to your senses and say you have to go, you got a job to do. On your way out I try to push the milk and cookies on you one last time hoping you’ll take one, finally you agree to have a cookie and glass milk before you leave. As you eat the cookie and the milk you start to feel a bit dizzy, I ask if your okay and before you know it you awake to something over your head and your tied up. I tell you im going to finish what I started earlier officer, I am going to suck your cock, you big black cock, and then I am going to fuck it. I suck it some more, take off my onesie, and jump on top riding you with my big tits in your face, lights wrapped around me, in bliss as I enjoy myself talking about how much better you are than my boyfriend and how good it feels. You ask me to untie you, and i state only if you fuck me hard, since you agree, you flip me over and pound me from behind (virtual), nice and hard, almost like your taking your anger out for me tieing you up, but I know your enjoying my nice big ass, and I know your going to make it “snow” all over me, now won’t you deck my face with that load of cum. You make your bbc cum all over my chin, tits, in my mouth, and I love it. Wow, Santa really did bring me what I wanted for Christmas….The video aside from the first few minutes is in a night filter, it has a overall cute tone to it, and fun, I wear the onesie until I start riding (virtual).

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