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Dina Sky – Dirty Cop Thrives Off Weakness

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This was a custom video request. I just got home from long day at work and you have stopped by, a fellow officer, I invite you in to find out what you could possibly have to talk about outside of work…Slowly turning around in my uniform revealing my big juicy ass, you nervously hand over to me a folder, confidential with my name on it, puzzled by it I open it up to see you have been collecting a file on me for all the “dirty” things I have been doing and have come to accuse me of them and make me give myself in. I won’t let that happen, “I know your weakness”, not hesitating one more second I take zip down my uniform, unbuckle my belt, and wrap it around you and make you lay down on my bed. I straddle you, teasing you with my beautiful cleavage, I put you right in your place. Shh, don’t speak, be a good boy, I lick your nipples as I feel your hard cock in your pants, “oh you like that don’t you” I take out your throbbing cock out of your pants, and squeeze it real tight, push my lips down on it, and start sucking on that head, jerking you, and telling you I knew your weakness, nice try, I strip out of my outfit, push my big ass up against your cock, my heels of my boots in your face, I control you, I control your cock, I decide when you cum, shh! quiet be a good boy. I know I have full power over you now, I ride your bbc with my big ass bouncing away, your getting closer and closer to losing your load, but I don’t let you, I slip you out, I grab my belt and tighten it around your already aching hard on, you like that? Oh I know you do, squeezing it even tighter, I climb back on top of your cock release the belt, as you moan out with pleasure, you watch me as I ride you pushing those breasts into your face and making you suck them good, smacking them on your face, and driving you to the bring of orgasm, you going to cum ? No, you can’t yet, I love teasing you, dominating you, thriving off your weakness, riding you some more, I finally let you explode inside of me, I knew you couldn’t hold out any longer, it was just too much, but look at you your still hard, oh, lets have a little more fun and make sure those balls are emptied, your forgetting about my file now right ? Of course you are, your into deep now рЯШЙ I grab your dick and slide you between my big tits, something you ultimately just can’t resist holding out too long, telling you im going to make you cum on my big breasts, and you just do that, even more cum than I ever thought was possible, a huge explosion drenching my tits, very well that was good, now get the fuck out of here I got go shower and clean up, you heard me, get out, you know where the door is…..

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