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Dina Sky – Fantasize Bad Dragon

Duration: 10:0s;
Quality: 1280x720 HD;

This is my first time playing around with green screen, I know its not perfect, but it was more for fun and play then anything. This is a bit different then my typical videos. IN this video it begins I the “office” I am bored, sick of listening to the fax and copy machine, and begin touching myself. Feeling aroused I lay back and in this fantasy it switches to me being in a cave sucking on a bad dragon cock, something I was fantasizing about for awhile. I suck it, I ride it, I moan, I thoroughly enjoy it and then I beg for the cum to blow on my tits, and in my mouth, thick creamy cum feeling so good on my skin and all over my tits. As I close my eyes I am back into real world “office” again and get my composure back realizing that was one intense dream or was it? I feel the cum still left on my chin and start to question what if it really happened? ……

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