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Dina Sky – Femme Fatale Agency

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This was a custom video. You have arrived at the Femme Fatale Agency where you are greeted by me the blonde femme fatale. I explain to you what happens here, how the women are in full control and promise to give you the best fuck, but it will be your last fuck. I explain to you that my pussy is laced with poison and upon you cumming you will become susceptible to it and now let’s get you hard. I spend a few minutes teasing you in my sheer black lingerie, grabbing my big breasts and talking about how much you love them I am sure, shaking my perfect ass and stripping out of it with a nice view of my pussy, it doesn’t take long for you to be rock hard and it is now time for your last fuck. I beckon you over to the couch so I may climb on top of you and slide you into my wet tight perfect pussy. I ride you (virtual POV) and bounce my big breasts in your face, asking if you like them, well of course you do, riding you harder, those tits bounce up and down so perfectly, I talk about how my pussy is going to take your life, how I am going to make you cum, how you should enjoy every moment of this, before long I decide to give you a tasteful view of my perfect ass while I ride you some more and continue to edge you on about my laced poison pussy and how I a femme fatale. Now its time to take your life, I turn around and tell you I am going to ride you fast and hard, try not to cum, let’s see how long you can last, riding you harder and harder, edging you on to your ultimate demise, you can’t hold it anymore, you fill me up with your cum, and you start to feel dizzy, things begin to blur on and off, as I tell you it won’t hurt, but you have cum and the Poison from my pussy has taken over, playing with my tits some I let you feast your eyes on them while you ease away to the end. I talk about how there is nothing more enjoyable and pleasurable then watching a beautiful femme fatale end a man with her pussy. I get so much pleasure and turned on by it, oh hello…. the poison has done the deed, I hope you enjoyed your last fuck, as I walk away.

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