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Dina Sky – Girlfriends Revenge Penis Shrinking

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This was a custom video and do note there is no nudity, bra and panties throughout. I heard some news about you cheating on me with friend and I am just not going to have that. I managed to find this place that sells “penis shrinking cream” and pills, I don’t really believe it to work but I am going to try it anyways. One night while your rested, I rub the cream all over your cock and balls, wash my hands, and lay back down. When I awake, I ask if you had a good night because I didnt. I explain to you what I found out and what I did to your cock. Laughing, giggling, playful with my hair, I play the snobby/bratty girlfriend who has cleverly got you back with cream, your shocked, shook up by it and lower you pants to see it in fact did work, your cock, (once 7 inches) Is now maybe 4 inches? I laugh at you and surprised that it worked, with some light sph, humiliation, you almost in tears, I decide I feel bad and tell you hold on I here’s a pill (grabbing it out of my bra) this will reverse the effects, I am truly really sorry. (naturally I am not, and I can’t hold in the laughter as I watch you take the pill) its a penis shrinking pill, so now your cock will likely shrivel to a measly 1 incher. I tell you thats what you get, friends tell friends everything, you shouldn’t have cheated, I want you out of my house by the time I get home, loser. Now your even bigger loser, its okay your cock never satisfied me at its full potential anyways.

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