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Dina Sky – Have Me For Dessert Messy Sex

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I’ve been horny all day and I know you have too, we didn’t get to start what we wanted too before you head to work for the day. Naturally your home rather late and I have dressed myself up in a sexy lingerie piece, fishnets, and I got some hot plans in store for you. I tell you how much I want you, how wet I am, and I strip out of my lingerie after teasing you just little, showing off. We both know were beyond worked up, your hard and I want you. I tell you were going to make this a little extra sweet and go straight for dessert. I take out the whip cream and playfully pour it on my big tits, in my mouth, and play with it, I have you lick some off my big beautiful tits, and talking sexy to you, I want this to get hot, sticky, and messy in all the right ways. I even bring out some chocolate syrup and pour it down my tits, licking it sexy off my fingers, and letting you enjoy my tasty treat. I take your cock and slide it down my mouth, licking you, and sucking you, I pour some whip cream and jerk your cock into my mouth, so delicious and so hot, I am beyond turned on and I can’t hold back anymore, let me ride this hard dick and show you how much I want you. I climb on top of your hard dick after Ive licked it clean of all that whip cream and ride you real good. I bounce those big tits, and push your cock deep inside of me fucking you good. Your eyes fixed on the sweet thing in front of you, your throbbing as I ride you until I cum all over your dick, I cum hard, all this tasty sweet sugars got me all worked up. I know you can’t not have my big ass in front of you next, so I turn over and slide that cock right back inside of me, Im going to ride you till your ready to explode and give me your cream.My ass looking so hot as you watch me take every inch of your cock inside of me, bouncing that sexy tanned booty, and begging for your load, you cream, my dessert. I know what will finish you off I spontaneously decide to dip my hand in the chocolate syrup and slap my ass cheek leaving a sexy chocolate handprint as I twerk my ass on your cock, your finding it hard to hold your cum and just a few more bounces and your ready to give me a huge load. I turn over and suck your cock and beg for that hot cum, that hot cream to cover my face, or you trying to aim for that ass in the back ? You blow a huge load of cum hitting my face, my hair, maybe even shot far enough It hit my booty. I love how sexy I look drenched in your cum, whip cream, and feel so good, were defintely skipping dinner, let’s go clean up…. I decide why not get little more messy, playful, and make you lick some more whip cream off my big tits, as I try to put some on you, since I’m the messy one… just little fun role-play ending to finish up on a super hot video. The overall video has a nice evening lightning, sexy roleplay, and lot of hot riding. It was really sexy getting messy and then finishing off with even more mess.

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