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Dina Sky – Hired Stress Reliever

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This was a custom video. I arrive at your place dressed in leather skirt, heels, hot pink bra, and leather jacket and explain to you whats going on, I can tell by the look on your face your in shock and confusion has settled in. Apparently your friends heard you were having a very hard week with things and they thought you could really use something to uplift your spirits, or in this case help you release some of that pent up stress, they hired me to do that. This can’t be really happening can it? I like to get straight down to business, especially when I like what I see, let me take my jacket off, and slowly strip out of my bra. I don’t know exactly what you like but your friends picked me so I must have what you like, maybe I should show you what I have under my tight skirt? I shake that ass, pose, strip down, and give you a night little pre-show getting you all warmed up for whats next, your eyes fixed on my big beautiful ass, you just can’t help but control the bulge that has started in your pants. Let’s get that hard cock out, correction big hard cock out, I suck it a few times and jerk you off, getting you nice and rock hard. I think we should start with my pussy, let me bring your throbbing cock inside of me and bounce up and down on that dick, shaking that ass more and more, moaning in pleasure of feeling your cock fill me up with every inch, before I milk you of your load, lets give you something even better that I know in fact you would love, my ass. I slide you into my tight asshole, and fuck your cock some more letting that dick feel a nice tightness up and down your shaft, you can’t but help to blow your load deep inside of me, a big load you haven’t been able to release all week, I take your cock out and let that cum just pour out, drip out, and continue to drip, fuck yes that’s hot, but your still hard, we can’t just stop there now can we? I put you back inside of my pussy and ride you some more and milk that hard bbc for everything you got letting you fill up my pussy next, both holes pumped full of cum and dripping out, I think I have really ended your hard week off well with you releasing all that hot cum inside of me. Maybe we should make this a regular thing once a week?

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