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Dina Sky – Home Wrecker Leather Goddess

Duration: 12:13s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

I am dressed in a black sexy cat-suit, and short black leather riding gloves, your ultimate weakness, I strap on the dildo, and tell you I’m going to fuck you. I stick that cock in you, talking to you about how I am making you my leather slut, my butt slut. You can’t ever say NO to me, because as soon as you lock eyes with me your weakness sets in, and when I bring out the leather, your all mine. AS I talking to you and pounding you, touching your cock with my gloves, my tits start to pour out of my outfit, your girlfriend walks in on us. Naturally we weren’t expecting her, but I do love the unexpected, I make her sit down and watch me as I take your ass, I tell her how much better I am than her, how ultimately you want me and think of me all the time, your leather Goddess. She can’t speak, she can’t leave because she knows better, I am in charge, you lose it all with each word I say and you blow a load everywhere, I take the strap on out, and demand her to come over get on her knees and lick the cock clean, while I let the words slip out, “he’s leaving you for me”, I continue to humiliate your girlfriend, and one last time touch my gloved leather hand on the tip of your cock, telling you it worked perfectly, your my leather slut, and she’s my slut now.

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