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Dina Sky – Homewrecker Maid Moira Ohara

Duration: 18:20s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

This is my second video in my mini-series of ‘Dina Sky Horror Story’ In this video I took the character of Moira O’Hara in AHS season 1. She is the housekeeper/maid from the formal owners and although others see her as old, but you see her as the young, hot, teasing redhead & you are fighting so hard to resist into the temptation. In first glimpse you see the older version but as she turns around she comes back as the hotter young sexy maid. Throughout the first segment of the video is ‘the tease’, she bends over in her hot black dress, thigh highs, & garter belt cleaning the floor, she touches her breasts in front of you, and your starting to lose it, “you want me don’t you” which then leads into the second segment ‘lured in’ where you walk In on her touching herself/masturbate (some music is playing) on the bed, you really lost control on this you can’t keep fighting it anymore, “what you afraid of” “your wife isn’t home” At this point it brings into the third segment of the video, ‘the climax’ where you finally give in & stop fighting how bad you want her, she bends over on the bed removing the panties, and awaiting you to stick your cock inside of her. POV style you give her a good pounding as she moans for more, camera switches to see her big breasts swaying with each thrusting, until you flip her over (POV) and give it to her while she spreads those sexy legs. You watch her breasts bounce & her she couldn’t hold it anymore and cums all over your cock, nice wet/creamy and so damn sexy. (During this segment I use my new, yes, fuck machine- you can watch it penetrate me) Now onto you, its your turn to cum so you pound her harder, but in comes your wife comes in. I, the Moria o’ Hara tell your wife, “just keep going let her watch, cum inside of me” I demand you blow your load inside of me while she watches, I don’t care if she’s there watching. And then you blow deep inside of me……now that’s exactly what I wanted all this time, but don’t you worry your wife won’t leave you, and she can’t fire me, so there will be more to come. Disclaimer

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