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Dina Sky – Last Kiss Poison Ivy

Duration: 15:52s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

This was a custom video to bring the fantasy of Poison Ivy. You are a private detective and I’ve made my way to your office, already kissing away your guards. You’re at your computer and I have appeared in front of you, looking up your mouth drops, this can’t be real, is this really happening? I approach you, my long red hair, my red lips, my insane cleavage, my green eyes, … “I know who you are, and your now who I am..” I confront you about the information i’ve collected on you. All the years of jerking off to me, all the years of paying actresses to portray me to live out your perverted fantasies of me– from having my feet in your mouth, to my big ass in your face, or how about those big beautiful breasts that lured you in, showing off my body and teasing you as I confront you. This is what is going to happen, your mouth still dropped and trying to come up with words to say, I tell you your going to give me information on Batman and the bank codes that I need, in return I am going to give you that fantasy you’ve always wanted, your goddess – your kiss from my lips. You finally try to protest because you know your fate if you give into me and even though you want it so bad, you are not going to let it happen…or are you? You attempt to phone in your bodyguard, or at least one of them I haven’t already kissed away their life. I walk over to the entrance of the door and tell the gentleman that everything is alright, exposing my big beautiful breasts, and locking eyes with him, I press my red lips together and blow a kiss and he falls to the floor….your watching this all go down and you’ve lost control of yourself so turned on and hard you take your cock out and start stroking it while I turn around to you. After seeing my breasts right in front of you you just can’t stop you keep stroking it, I grab my breasts and approach you telling you I knew you’d give in, here let me straddle you and push these big tits in your face and letting you suck on my nipples, let me give you what you’ve always wanted. There is no turning back now, as things get more and more intense, I slip the papers I need with the information and continue to tease you with my big tits, I stand up off of you, I know your close to cumming, and I know your fighting it, as the poison ivy vines come out, I know your fate is upon you, teasing you to the point that you explode and cum all over yourself, cum spurts out into the air, and I kneel down and look at the mess you’ve just created….”I knew you’d give me the information I needed, I knew you’d give in, I am far to powerful for anyone to say no too…I always win.” I lean in as you still trying to collect yourself from the massive explosion you just did, that my lips lock onto yours and I blow out. Your body tingles, lights flash before you eyes, things get blurry, and a fog of green smoke appears in front of you as I lean back to the corner of your office with my vines in hand, ….Your last kiss, your fantasy finally happened, you’ve just kissed away your life.

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