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Dina Sky – Last Time With Step Son His Friend

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It’s been months since the last sexual escapade with my step-son. We decided to stop sneaking around and I promised not to do it again, and my husband accepted it. You haven’t talked to me much in months since we stopped, but its your birthday in a few days. Husband calls and tells me he’s going to be late again from work tonight, just as he tells me that you walk in but run straight to your room. I get off the phone with you father and go in to tell you dinner will be ready soon trying to make small talk with you but you tell me you need your space, and don’t want to be bothered. Upset that you still won’t really talk to me, I drop it, I’m sure you’ll cum around eventually (pun intended on that). Its the day of your birthday and I am preparing your cake, already got everything all set up but your father calls and says he won’t be coming home tonight, other guests have canceled too (likely after the Family Reunion last year they haven’t wanted to be around us.) So I decide then it’s perfect opportunity to have just one more time, one last time with you I mean its your birthday why not? I go in and get changed looking for something to wear, I hear the door, but don’t realize that its actually your friend from (Close Calls) he was sorta spying on me and managed to get a massive hard on, I am so happy to see him it’s been so long since you,, me, and him had our fun. I didn’t realize he was coming over to the party, I hate to leave him with hard on and I am missing big cock, and horny, I invite your friend into the room so I can at least give him a hand with it рЯШЙ I start sucking him, happily engaging in a very nice blowjob with his big dick, when you call (step-son) and tell me you’ll be likely about 15 more minutes, you hear some noises and your friend is purposely making me gag, and Dee-throat his dick, you ask me what I am doing? At first I sorta blow it off trying to avoid telling you, and then I finally cave and tell you your friend stopped by and I couldn’t help myself. You ask me for details on what I’m doing and I start to explain but we get disconnected, you call back and tell me you set it up- you send your friend there on purpose knowing I would suck him, surprised by this it makes me even more hornier, I suck and start to explain what im doing/going to do, but again we get disconnected, figuring you’d call back I go back to sucking your friend’s big dick begging for some hot cum, and then my phone rings again not paying attention and assuming its you (step-son), I answer it and start explaining what I Am doing as I go on I hear a disconnect again and go back to sucking but then my phone facetimes me, and its my husband– I realize now I screwed up, that it was actually my husband that called previous and I just got caught, he knows what im doing, oh no. Thats when you finally walk in and I explain to you what just happened, you laugh it off, and bring out your big big cock and have me start sucking you and your friend. At this point my phone is ringing more and Its him, your father, don’t answer it, but you have other plans, you answer it and show him what I am doing, that I am little busy right now, your friend cums all over me and within moments later I am being drenched with your hot load of cum too. Love being such a slutty mom, I want more than just facials and blowjobs, let me fuck your big cock step son. We get on the bed doggy style and I slide your big cock in my pussy, feeling in stretching me out, I am soaked wet all over your dick, I suck your friend and jerk hm off while I work my ass on your big cock, you push me down and slide in and out of pussy watching those big ass cheeks clench up and squeeze around your thick big cock. I beg for more cum, but worked up I want to cum first, won’t you let me? After a quick enjoyable fucking, its time to empty one last time, I make your friend explode and your FaceTime your father and have him watch as I am taking a massive load on me, and then he sees as you finish me off with multiple load of cum everywhere my face, my eye, my hair, your both coated me with so much cum, fuck it, I don’t care it was well worth it….and then the door opens…your father walks In, I can barely see with my cum covered eyes, and ask what your doing here, and before I can’t get much more I get thrown divorce papers at me….”wait what? oh come on now?’ Divorce? it’s your Step-Son’s birthday I mean what other gift could I give him besides one last good sucking and fucking…but your father already left the room. Happy Birthday Step-Son….I grab the divorce papers and wash them with my cum face and rip them and toss them on the floor…that’s what I think of that.

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