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Dina Sky – Lets Fuck Before You Go

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This is a custom video and the follow up to “Fan’s BJ After Date.” It’s the second day in the city, we spent most afternoon walking around the city, had a nice dinner, and back at my place. I know you have to fly out later tonight, but I think you know I am hinting at something more, I’ve got that look in my eyes that’s telling you we should end this day perfect with more than just a blowjob. I come up close to you and tell you you left me wanting so much more, and I want it, let’s fuck before you go. I mean lets be real, your into me, I am into you, your no longer just a fan. I lean in for a kiss, and then bend on over in my little skirt and show off my ass, while you run your hands on my body, and help me strip out of it. You throw me on the bed on my back (implied) and help take down my top to reveal my big breasts, running your hands in my inner thighs, and licking me in just the right places, enjoying my big tits, kisses on my belly, licks on my pussy, squeezes on my thighs, I can’t take much more, your rub the head of your cock on my pussy up and down on my clit, I feel me getting soaked just aching for your big hard cock to slide right in me, “Wait, do you have a condom.?” Not remembering to be more prepared about that, I decide forget it, will just worry about it later, I want your cock, and I want it now. You push your throbbing aching cock inside of me and I feel my pussy wrap around your dick, soaking wet from all the anticipation, and finally your deep inside of me and it feels so good, moaning out, as I tell you to fuck me, I love your cock, you give it to me good, bouncing my tits all over the place with each thrust inside of me, (virtual), the more and more you fuck me, the more intense it gets, I can feel myself on the verge of orgasm, I love the way your cock fills me up so perfectly, how big and throbbing it is for me, I am a slut for your cock, give it me, make me cum, but before that, you have me flip over and let you hit it doggystyle (pov), I work my ass and slide that cock in my pussy, pushing deep with each penetration, I move it faster and harder until I can’t hold it in anymore, and cum all over your dick, you feel me squeeze your cock, and the juices just drip all over your dick as you slide it out, that was worth it all, but it’s time to make you cum, I want that load, im gonna beg for it deep inside of me. I turn back over, (virtual) and let you fuck me against my headboard, pushing that cock in just right, feeling me wet, has got you all worked up, and watching my big tits bounce with the faces I give you, I bite my lips, I moan, and I beg for that cum inside of me, I tell you how much I love your cock, and I need that cum……you explode I can feel you pumping every drop of that cum inside of me, and damn good load. You slide your cock out of me, and let the cum just drip out of my pussy, il take care of the mess later, do you really have to fly out tonight? Can’t make you stay longer? …I mean You better be coming back to give me that dick….

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