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Dina Sky – Mindless Smoke Slave

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This was a custom video. Shifted just above your presence merely looking down at you staring at me, I go in for a vape and exhale the smoke…”Oh, you don’t mind if I vape right?” I am glad you don’t mind because my intentions are to blow the smoke onto you to inhale and make you become my mindless smoke slave. That’s right I will brainwash you to the point you will only serve me, only think of me, and will only thrive and feel fulfillment from my smoke. As my smoke consumes you, spreads through you body, you’ll feel warm and cold sensations, tingles, your eyes will cloud over, and when you cum, they will turn white and you will have become just another one of my mindless smoke slaves. I’ll blow more and more bigger clouds onto you, as I tease you with my insane cleavage, I’ll let the smoke flow down them as I reveal my big breasts to you. The more and more I smoke, the more and more I sway with my big tits, the more you succumb to me. You’ll be mesmerized by my nicotine nipples, by the way they look as the smoke flows off of them, and you continue to inhale. It feeds you into the desire to want to suck on them, to grab them, to be come titonized. Here why don’t you come closer, come closer, don’t resist me, don’t even try. Not any man or woman can resist me, all eventually serve me and fall into a mindless smoking servitude. Let me let you know something…”the ones that try to resist the most, are the ones that fall the hardest…..” Now become my mindless smoking slave, obey and serve me. Each breath has you falling further into a deeper state of being, a form of ecstasy you don’t want to escape, you can’t control yourself anymore, you feel the smoke has taken over, and your only purpose is to obey me, serve me, and do as I command while taking in every breath of my smoke. I count you down, and continue to blow onto you, and command you to cum on one…. the transformation will then be complete. Your eyes will become white over, you will serve me forever, you’ll bring me more servants to fall into my mindless smoking slaves, you are addicted to my smoke now, and nothing more fills you mind or your body but me and the smoke…..I told you, you couldn’t resist me…..

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