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Dina Sky – Multiple Loads Delivered

Duration: 13:11s;
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This was a custom video request. There’s isn’t really a major story line or lot roleplaying, it starts off with me in my glasses, chokers, panties, and top, I am excited that you decided to come over and I am really intrigued to see your cock and make you cum, you’ve told me how big your loads can be and how you can keep going after you cum and I want to witness myself. Your cock out, hard already, and im ready to wrap my lips around it and suck your hard throbbing cock till you explode. I work my mouth and lips and hands all over your cock, begging for that hot load of cum, as I beg you to cum for me, you unload several sprays of cum all over my face, in my mouth and im so impressed and surprised, that really was a lot of cum, and your still hard and not finished with me, your ready to titty fuck my big tits for another big load of cum. I fuck your hard cock between my big tits and squeeze that cock real good, your throbbing all over again and judging by your balls and how hard you are, I think you’ll top the first load or maybe even exceed it. I jerk your cock and you blow ropes of cum all over my tits, covering both of them, the cum drips down them, and I just can’t believe it, you really do deliver multiple loads. After all the sucking and titty fucking, I just have to feel your cock inside of me, I just need to feel you fuck me, and I turn over and give you a beautiful view of my sexy ass, before you slide that cock right on in my tight pussy and start fucking me doggy style, I work that ass on that cock and I dirty talk, and ask where your gonna cum for your final load, your intentions are to fill me up deep, cum deep inside of my pussy and you do just that, I can feel your cock exploding in me, so much cum, it drips out, I got a load on my face, a load and then some of my big tits, and a huge load deep inside me, hell that was hot, you really do cum a lot.

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